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I have joined but haven’t got any confirmation ?
This may happen due to 1. Incomplete registration or 2. The confirmation mail landed at your bulk / spam mail box

To Complete your registration Go to “My Admin” ,Log in using your user id and password. You shall land on the page with text link of six and one sponsor ad. You need to visit each of the link one by one . On clicking on the text link the site shall open on a new window. Visit the site for at least 30 second you shall get a text code on the top frame . Just copy the ad code and paste on the box provided on the main page. Similarly repeat the procedure with rest of the sites and paste the ad codes for each of the ads. After submitting confirm your mail id . With this you complete your registration process. Once done you can access your members back office any time following “My Admin”.
Your user id and password are the same as the one you entered while registering. Your user id is your mail id.


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